Everybody Leads with Tim Lupinacci

Adrianne Hillman - CEO/Founder, Salt + Light

Episode Summary

This week, Adrianne Hillman shares her leadership journey and challenges as the founder of Salt + Light, a California non-profit aimed at ending homelessness. Hillman discusses the trials she faced in assuming her role as a community leader, Salt + Light’s empathetic approach to homelessness, and her passion for community-building and fostering a sense of belonging.

Episode Notes

This week, Tim Lupinacci welcomes Adrianne Hillman to the Everybody Leads podcast. She is the founder of Salt + Light, a California non-profit whose mission is to cultivate community with those experiencing homelessness by providing services, programs, education, and job opportunities to help end the cycle of homelessness. Adrianne was previously a life coach, speaker, and founder of the empowerment brand "Do it Afraid." In 2023, she was honored as Remarkable Woman of the Year for Central California.

During this episode, Tim and Adrienne discuss her leadership journey, and how she came to change the trajectory of her life to help others through her non-profit. Adrienne delves into Salt + Light's approach to homelessness and the revolutionary programs that the organization is spearheading to help those in need. She also discusses the importance of community building and promoting a sense of belonging to end homelessness. Other topics covered include:

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