Everybody Leads with Tim Lupinacci

Dr. Arin Reeves - President & Principal, Nextions

Episode Summary

This week on the Everybody Leads podcast, we welcome Dr. Arin Reeves, founder, president, and principal of Nextions, to explore her dynamic leadership journey. Tune in to gain insight from Arin’s experiences and learn how curiosity and everyday learning can enhance your leadership skills.

Episode Notes

Join us this week on Everybody Leads as Tim Lupinacci interviews Dr. Arin Reeves, the founder, president, and principal of Nextions, a firm dedicated to transforming workplace culture. Starting as an attorney, Arin is now a renowned researcher, bestselling author, and advisor to leading global organizations and executives.

In this episode, Arin shares insights from her leadership path, emphasizing how she leverages her experiences as opportunities for learning and growth. She offers inspiration and practical advice on topics such as managing energy and making informed commitments. Key discussion topics include:

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