Everybody Leads with Tim Lupinacci

Kelcey Johnson – Executive Director, The Hospitality Hub

Episode Summary

This week on the Everybody Leads podcast, we welcome Kelcey Johnson to discuss his thoughts on leadership as the Executive Director of The Hospitality Hub in Memphis, Tennessee. Listen in as Kelcey discusses his leadership journey, and how he embraces learning and teaching as essential tenets of leadership in his organization.

Episode Notes

In this week’s episode of the Everybody Leads podcast, Tim Lupinacci welcomes Kelcey Johnson, the Executive Director of The Hospitality Hub in Memphis, Tennessee. The Hub partners with over two hundred organizations to fight homelessness in Memphis by connecting participants with resources to help them achieve stable housing and better health outcomes. They prioritize compassion and personalized support.

Listen in as Kelcey details his leadership journey, influences, and experiences in his role at The Hospitality Hub. He emphasizes the importance of servant leadership and treating others with respect, while highlighting the significance of remembering that even leaders are always learning.

Other discussion topics include:


This episode is in support of Kelcey Johnson’s designated charity, The Hospitality Hub. We have donated to The Hub as a thank you to Kelcey for joining Everybody Leads. To learn more the Hub, please visit https://www.hospitalityhub.org/

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