Everybody Leads with Tim Lupinacci

Paul Eremenko – Co-Founder and CEO, Universal Hydrogen

Episode Summary

In this episode of Everybody Leads, Paul Eremenko joins us to discuss his leadership journey and philosophy. Paul shares his leadership framework and technological advances that inspire him in his field, along with valuable insights into leadership at the organizational level that all listeners can learn from.

Episode Notes

This week, Everybody Leads with Tim Lupinacci welcomes Paul Eremenko, the CEO of Universal Hydrogen, an aviation startup he co-founded with the mission of making hydrogen-powered commercial flights possible in the near future. Paul previously served as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Senior Vice President (SVP) at United Technologies Corp. He also held the CTO position at Airbus and has extensive experience in the technology field.

Listen-in as Paul explores his leadership journey, starting from his early professional years when someone took a chance on his potential. You’ll learn about key elements of Paul’s leadership framework and the process of building a bold, forward-looking vision within an organization. Additionally, you’ll hear about technological advances that excite him for the future.

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