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Staci Pierce - CEO, Action Enterprises

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This week on Everybody Leads, Staci Pierce joins the show to discuss her leadership journey and philosophy. As the CEO of Action Enterprises, Staci uses her experience and perspective to provide excellent leadership advice applicable to all listeners.

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This week on Everybody Leads, Staci Pierce, CEO of Action Enterprises, joins Tim Lupinacci to discuss her leadership journey and philosophy. Staci previously served as the company's General Counsel and Executive Vice President of Corporate Development. Before joining Action Enterprises, she was a corporate lawyer at Baker Donelson. She is also very involved in the community.

During a wide-ranging discussion, Staci outlines lessons learned as a leader of a large company, and what inspirations, experiences, and resources have contributed to her journey. She also explains how she maintains her confidence, how she handles making mistakes, and more.

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This episode is in support of Staci Pierce’s designated charity, The Recursion Program. We have made a donation to this charity as a thank you to Staci for joining Everybody Leads. To learn more about this charity, please visit https://www.paypal.com/us/fundraiser/charity/1955390.

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