Everybody Leads with Tim Lupinacci

Tara Plimpton - Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary, Regions Financial Corporation

Episode Summary

This week on Everybody Leads, Tara Plimpton, Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer, and Corporate Secretary at Regions Financial Corporation, joins the podcast to discuss her leadership journey and insights. Through her experiences in leading legal functions in large organizations, Tara emphasizes the necessity of balancing operational and people skills, learning from mistakes, and finding motivation.

Episode Notes

Tara Plimpton joins Everybody Leads with Tim Lupinacci to share her leadership journey, a story marked by impactful roles that culminated in her current position at Regions Financial Corporation. As a member of Regions' executive leadership team, she leads the corporation's legal, governmental affairs, and corporate governance departments. Tara's journey underscores the importance of blending operational expertise with strong people skills.

Listen as Tara shares her inspirations and motivations on taking initiative as a leader. Through personal stories and insights, she offers ideas on effective leadership that can be applied in your own daily life.

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